Addicted to Bad


“Mirror, mirror on the world. Who is the bad’est of them all?”

“…hmmm. All have been weighed and measured and found wanting. All are irredeemable and perpetually bad. All are addicted to bad”

I felt lost and alone with nowhere to turn on that Tuesday night.

Now, What?

If people consider themselves to have strong morals, why do they often turn bad? Often, these are not the actions of individuals, but of collective groups. All too often, we point the finger at the leader as the cause of the bad behaviour, but without willing followers, the destruction would never occur….no matter the justifiable outcome.

I used to believe that it was the weakness of these people and their characters that caused them to act poorly. Bad people are just bad people and some people are just irredeemable.

People get away with doing bad because they know how to blend in. They look normal and appear normal. Dangerous people do not look any different than non-dangerous people. They know what to say and do to convince others around them that they are not a threat.

Bad guys play dirty (and we let them get away with it). Like it or not, most of us play by the rules and that is, we expect others to play by the rules and to deal with us honestly.

Only the strong survives. 

All too often, we simply stand by when others are being bullied or attacked—not wanting to get involved, or not wanting to become the bad guys’ next target. Whether you like it or not, you are a target.

For every Ghandi there has been a Hitler. For every Hero they must be a villain and they must be Evil. They will always be willing to do anything it takes to get ahead, to secure power, to gain wealth. No amount of praying, fasting, or casting out can change this fact.

For any hero to save the day, there must be destruction, the villain has constructed a huge empire of minions and resources. What does the superhero do with their mansion, money, and treasures? Would the hero become the new villain?

I am addicted to Life

Mercy is not the absence of justice; it is the fusion of justice and love. Mercy is what love becomes when it meets injustice. We seek justice for your actions, but merciful enough to forgive your intention. No matter what the chain of events was that lead to you making terrible decisions that unravelled lives and the lives of others, you made those terrible decisions.

You made them repeatedly, and you wasn't helpless or clueless.

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