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Heaven is falling

The year was 2015 and I was in heaven. My experience may differ from the norm. I did not have the out of body experience. Neither a sound, huge nor booming like a glorious chant, coming down from angels. Nevertheless, it felt real. I was in heaven. I felt loved and cherished. A sense of nothing to fear, and I could do no wrong. But Like most things in life, they don’t last long. It doesn’t happen all at the same time, it is gradual. And then one day….it’s all gone. To me, after working most of my life to build this giant glasshouse that was my career. In fact, at the time I had two jobs, a house to sleep in, a fast car. I was in heaven.Is your life fading?Life too doesn’t escape the temporary nature of everything. It will too fade away like everything else. Every day is another step away from life. Life is hard, there is no going around that. No one can escape that.I lost everything because I made bad choices based on limited information and pleasure. But it’s always bad that feels so g…

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