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Dear Nubian Heritage - African Black Bar Soap...

 Dear  Nubian Heritage - African Black Bar Soap This our love letter to you.  Sometimes we just think back to the first time we laid eyes on you. We knew right then that we had found something incredible. We read some interesting reviews about you, both the highs and lows. But, we love taking our chances and it was an action we do over and over again. Can you imagine how times fly … It seems like yesterday, i t was just 2 days and 7 hours ago we met but we love your soft embrace.  Click here to buy We can talk endless of your attributes: "  mineral-rich salts from the Dead Sea and certified organic shea butter team up with natural jojoba beads, aloe and oat extracts to slough off pore-clogging skin cells, keep oil in check" We could see a noticeable difference in our reviewer's face and the  blackheads seem to disappear, call it crazy, stupid, love.  Every day seems to a be a step closer to a smoother face and you did that, our heart just skipped a beat. We are head over

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