Dear Future Me (yes you!!),

If I can guess, you are playing loud music, whilst doing some crazy dance moves and he is looking at you so confused.

Do you remember those moments? Well, it is a distant memory now; but how can you forget, right? You woke today knowing what life is supposed to be like but ain't. You woke today knowing there are still new emotions you still have not experienced.

Do you remember the phone call that changed it all, “Hello, it’s time. He is coming out today!”

From there everything felt like a blur, all the anxiety came rushing in at once. It would have been great if they came in incrementally, one by one. But we all know life “don’t play like that.”

I do not remember how I got there, but I found myself in front of the door. Hearing there are few complications.

We can feel the dark clouds of despair, whilst getting the tickling butterflies of happiness. Our heart skipped a beat.

We love and hate what you are doing to us… you are playing with our hearts and minds. Guess what, we love it.

To say we weren’t scared would be an understatement, but after the fear was gone. We looked at each other and felt a deep surrender to life. We have given up on our ego and let go of control, we let go of our plans and ambitions and truly surrendered to this situation and the moment.

We couldn’t stop but drink in all that our eyes were so blessed to witness. 

The sheer magnitude of infinite beauty seeing you, and the craziness of it all.

We have no idea what keeps you going, what truly drives you to not give up. Whether it’s for love, ambition, money, family, or just the attention of it all. Day in and day out, you just kept grinding. We can't help but admire your consistency, your dedication; whether your intention was good, bad, or indifferent.

We have come to see life through different lenses. Call it character developments, or growth. We come to appreciate life a little bit more.

We do not know what your reasons are, and whatever they may be, it’s reassuring to know we are all on the same side and fighting for the same reasons…

To be alive, to be truly and deeply Alive.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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