You can take away our pride, but not Flawless Ivy - Matte Oil Free Foundation

Every lady wants her face looking perfectly blended and flawless when she's going out. well, there's only one way to get that flawless looking skin if are not blessed by gods. Buy a good foundation.

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We are foundation freaks. We constantly on the hunt for the next big thing or the most flawless finish and rightly so. Now you can understand when we will sing nothing but praises for this foundation.

Our namesake, you just can’t go wrong. It looks flawless and beautiful while providing just the right amount of coverage. This build-up nicely for all skin types and has a matte finish. We applied a small amount onto the finger and smooth around the face and then use a brush to blend it. It minimizes texture and control oil so you don’t have to worry about looking shiny.

The packaging looks like they have been designed by a mind reader…what sort of sorcery is this.
It's like they had us in mind. The packaging looks luxurious in a plastic bottle with a pump and an opaque cap, which is incredibly good.

Liquid foundations that come without a cap or applicator should be banned by now. If you do see one call the police, it’s a crime against humanity.

With a 15 hour wear! And lasts amazing with the oil free primer! We would personally say it’s medium coverage, however is buildable and still just as flawless.

But, this Nigeria expects all variables to work against you, so you could experience a different result. In addition washing it off can be difficult, so watch out for a future beauty hacks on our youtube channel.

Overall it’s such a great product. One of the best from our Nigerian makeup brands, this is the foundation that got everyone asking, so thank us later.

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