We are in love with Ardell 3D Fauxmink, it is the gospel truth.

 Over the past week, we have been wearing  Ardell - 3D Fauxmink and without a shadow of a doubt, we have now been converted. 

Initially, we were a bit sceptical about the lash because we thought it would be too intense for the tester small eyes, but this is the perfect pair because it holds strong without breaking or losing its shape. It is official, you are now preaching to the choir.

Our weapon of choice of course must be 857 Black (there are 852, 853, 854 click here to buy).   Click here to buy    


These lashes are perfect for those who prefer more natural-like falsies. They are not heavy at all and they are the perfect length. Super soft and full and the band is thick enough to reuse 7-8 times if taken care of and cleaned properly.

They are good value for the quality of lashes compared to more expensive brands. They last a while especially if you clean them properly after each use. If you want to know how to maintain your lashes, please click play.

Well the packaging is nothing to sing about, it just there. Like you know, it is there but has no emotional pull to you, just there. A bit disappointing but you cannot have every nice thing in life.

These eyelashes are gorgeous. With the invisible band, you do not get that horrible chunky looking band in the inner corner of your eye which we can never get to stick down with tweezers.

However, yes…there is a however. Our only complaint is how stiff and thick the lash band is. Really screams fake lashes but only if you are into that kind of thing. They may look abit too cheap and tacky atimes, so you might not want that dramatic look all the time.

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