Becoming a human BE. Being ALIVE!!!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
Lao Tzu

The beginners guide to becoming Human......

Be ready to Grow -  the more you grow, the better you become. Our organisation is committed to a lifetime of growing and we love it. 

Work on your negative traits. Are there any traits that you dislike about yourself?

Are you one of the followings:  self-centered, arrogant, selfish, critical, harsh, etc. 

Identify them, and then work on them one by one. It can be challenging to try to overhaul your character at once. 

On the other hand, if you work on addressing one negative trait at a time, it’s a lot more manageable and achievable.

Be a role model. The best way to be a better person is to be a role model to others. 

How can you be an inspirational guide to others? Live by example. In being a role model, remember it’s not about making yourself into someone you’re not. It’s about living true to your ideal self 

Be a better employee (if you work for someone). Often times, I hear people complaining about how their companies are not giving them enough benefits/wages/support/etc. While this may be true, think about how you can be a better employee instead. Check if there’s anything more you can do to better yourself or how you can improve your current performance. Which in the long run can help you gain your future ideal job.

Be a better manager/leader (if you’re managing others). Many people leave their jobs because they’re unhappy with their managers. How well you manage your employees can dramatically affect their motivation levels and their performance. Put their needs before yours and bring the best out of them.

Be a better human to others. How can you treat the fellow humans around you better? Start with that one step.

"That's one small step for [a] manone giant leap for mankind."

Be Able. Equip yourself with skills. Your skills are like the tools in your toolbox. The more skills you have, the more able you become. We all need able people in the future, how else can we make our country great again. 

Level Up

o   Learn something new. There are always new things to learn, no matter how much you already know. The more you learn, the better you become. 

o   Hone your current skills. With your current skills, strengthen them. You can never be too good at a skill — there’s always room to improve.

Be Accepting of differences — be it of people, mindsets, lifestyles, or cultures. For they add variety and color into our lives. If everyone is the same, life will be bland and boring.  

Be Flexible. Have your goals and plans, but be able to change them accordingly when the situation calls for it. Rigidity is a sign of weakness, while adaptability makes you so much more powerful.

Be Assertive. Stand up for your rights and the things you believe in.

Be Attentive. When someone is talking, give him/her your full attention. Don’t busy yourself with something else; that’s just rude and inconsiderate.

Be Bold. Life is an adventure. Don’t live it in fear

Boldly pursue your dreams. Boldly act on your instincts. Boldly create the life you’ve always wanted.

Guess what I'm afraid of, not winning!!!!!!!

Be Caring.There’s no need to wait for a cry for help before showing your care and concern. You can do it right away, right now, to those around you. Even if there’s nothing wrong, it’ll warm the hearts of others to know that you cared.

At the end of it all..........

Be Committed… to your goals and dreams. If you’ve set a goal, go all out and achieve it. If you’ve laid down a plan, stick to it all through the way. Don’t waver, for that’s not in you to do so.

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