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“There are no fairy godmothers – If you want to be transformed, to be free, you must do the work; you are the hero we are all looking for.”
We all act out roles in the “movie of life.” Some of us act like the star, and others like extras. It’s just the truth. Every now and then, regular people like you and me decide they want to step out of the shadows.
You’ve seen it countless times in movies -

Cinderella washing floors, she is down and out. She trudges along, until one day, the light bulb goes off in her head. When all seems lost, she has an idea, a dream, a new mission, and she decides right then and there she’s going to pursue it without quitting.
When it comes to real life, the story usually doesn’t work out that way, but you can reach a similar “fed up,” moment and seek to change.
The hero initially refuses the call and may even run away (Jonah and the whale).
Even heroes have doubts and a negative inner dialogue...it can be a form of  kryptonite. It weakens you. 

The hero recognizes that success is a journey and that their will be setbacks and failures but these are learning experiences that prepare him or her for the next challenge.
The hero knows that they must live by a personal code of ethics and if they stay true to this, regardless of what happens externally, they will be a success.
“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

Here are seven reasons why we love a good hero:

1.     Heroes are unexpected. The real heroes are the ones hiding in obscurity, waiting to be discovered.

2.     Heroes are unknown. The real heroes are lurking in the background somewhere.

3.     Heroes are ordinary. At the beginning of the story, our heroes are losers. They’re mopping a floor somewhere. 

4.     Heroes become heroes through adversity. At the beginning of the story, their skills are untested. Conflict must draw out the courage of a hero. 

        That’s why faking it till you make it will not cut it ----- Those guys are all bravado. They put on the air of a tough guy, but they run when the real fight begins.

5.     Heroes show up at the 11th hour. It’s not until the last moment when all hope seems lost that a hero distinguishes himself from the rest of the pack. Heroes surprise us.

6.     Heroes push through the fear. They live what we all claim to believe — that courage isn’t absence of fear, but rather facing it. They acknowledge their feelings but rise above them.

7.     Heroes fight for others. Heroes emerge when the innocent are in peril. Heroes fight, not because they want to, but because those whom they love will die if they don’t. That’s why you often see reluctant heroes. It is only when times are tough, when all that they have will be utterly lost, that they emerge ready to fight.

So you asking, how do I become an hero? Well its really simple:

1.  Study the Greats – Almost all of us have personal heroes and legends who have inspired us.  Read their biographies and strive to discern the qualities that made them great.  Nelson Mandelas, he had a vision of a better world and was willing to make life-altering sacrifices to achieve that vision.  
Heroes are  smart, strong, courageous, resilient, and selfless.  They didn’t let setbacks deter them and showed great leadership. 
2.  Be the Change You Want to See in the World –   People can easily spot a hypocrite –  the person who advocates world peace yet spouts hatred on Facebook or Twitter.  True heroes live the words they speak.
3.  Listen for the Call –  a “strong intuition, sudden realization, divine transmission, or just a subtle wondering.”  Your own calling may be less dramatic but no less important to those you help in life.
4.  Look for Opportunities –  all of us are potential heroes waiting for the right moment to fulfill that potential.  Most heroes are everyday people, not the superheroes we see in movies.  
 ‘I’m a hero in waiting, and I’m waiting for the right situation to come along when I can act heroically.’”

You don’t need to wear a cape or possess a superpower to make the world a better place.  To perform heroic acts, all you need is the willingness to make some major sacrifice, or even many small ones that add up over time.  Serving others builds relationships, spreads love, and creates a ripple effect.  
Why are there so few heroes?
1.  “To be a hero, you have to learn to be a deviant” -  Heroism requires people to depart from their normal world, to cast aside conventional ways of behaving. Heroes are not ordinary – they are extraordinary.
Jesus of Nazareth was a counter-cultural rebel who defied the prevailing order.
2. Heroes must often overcome psychological barriersfailure of people to help in emergencies when others are around who could potentially help. 
Being subject to social forces that encourage inaction is no excuse for failing to help people who need it. 

Barriers to heroism can be broken down when we summon the moral courage to do the right thing even when it is hard to do the right thing.
3. Heroism involves risk and potential danger - Emergency situations offer severe challenges to us. First, emergencies are rare and unexpected. This rarity means that emergencies can easily catch us off-guard and leave us seemingly paralyzed.

Second, emergency situations are often dangerous. To be heroic, we must sometimes be willing to put our own lives at risk to help others. Third, emergencies require immediate action. We can’t stop and ponder the pros and cons of intervening  about whether to help. We must act quickly. 
4. Heroism requires knowledge and preparation
A fourth characteristic of emergencies is that they differ widely from each other. Saving a drowning person requires a completely different set of skills compared to the act of saving a heart attack victim.

Countless times heroes have reported that their training and preparation enabled them to save lives. You can have the best intentions in the world but if you lack the skills to save someone, you render yourself useless in an emergency.

 Heroism isn’t rewarded by society.
In fact, it involves great risks, potential danger, a willingness to be deviant, and good preparation. It’s a wonder that anyone steps up to be a hero.
Yet every day, people do choose to act heroically. And that’s the good news – there may be more heroes than we think.
  • These are the unsung heroes of society. 
  • They are found in great abundance all around us, but they rarely receive any recognition or fame. 
  • They do their heroic work quietly behind the scenes.

Whatever you decide to do today, make sure you are a hero in someone’s life.
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