The hate you give destroys everybody.... #loveNaijalovePeace

Since the day I saw a burnt corpse on the street, have learnt to value human life. 
The smell gets into your throat and you can taste it. You will literally run to find some clean air.  Even though you can no longer physically smell it, you remember it and it takes quite a while to get over it. 
The year was 1999, the day I will never forget. The day began just like any other school day, expect at 1.30pm the headmaster announced, that all students are to be release early. There is  another ethnic conflict again in Ketu, Lagos.
Just last week, there were disputes in the market, a Yoruba man did not give a adequate funds to an Hausa man,  in buying "Meat" .

How petty have we become?
Nigeria has continued to experience recurring ethnic-religious conflicts. Although some of these struggles are just  wars of words, others turn into bloody sectarian fights. 

The roots of Nigeria's religious and ethnic conflict....

Modern Nigeria emerged through the merging of British colonial territories in 1914. 

They put together three different nations simply because it made administrative sense to have one rather than many scattered regions.

So brothers and sister, we became a family through convenient marriage. 
Over the years we should have come to terms with this fact of life and learnt to love each other. 

It is what it is........

 Did you know there are over 400 languages in Nigeria, and according to the Demographic and Health Survey regilion proportion of Nigeria is made of 53% Christian, 45% Muslim and 2% other in 2008.
Just how amazing are we as a NATION

The hate you give destroys everybody........

Case study – Boko Haram

They have targeted markets and churches, they also engaged in sporadic bombings in major towns in Northern Nigeria including Kaduna, Saria, Jos, Kano, Maiduguri, and in Damaturi. During such instances, the fighters kill indiscriminately– Muslims and Christians alike.


So how did we get here?
One perspective, the ‘failure’ of the Nigerian political system to enact good governments, promote national integration and foster good economic progress. 

This has in turn led to ethnic and religious conflicts that has stained Nigerian on the international stage. We will get it right....Nigeria will be GREATTTTTT AGGGAIIIIINNNNNN.

Democracy Is Good for Business 
There has never been a more important time than now; especially in the upcoming elections. 

The world is watching and we are hoping to proof them wrong.  We are prepared to show them our past is behind us and this is a new Naija:

 Our election will be Transparency.

 Each step of the election process should be easily understood and open to scrutiny by all (voters, political parties, and others).  

Our election will respect  Privacy. 
The choices that each voter makes should remain private both during and after the election.
Our election will have Integrity. 
Only eligible voters should be allowed to vote, and those votes must be protected from any alteration or exclusion.
Our election will be Accessibility.
 All eligible voters, regardless of location, group membership or disability, should have reasonable and equal opportunity to cast their ballot.

Why Nigeria is important?

 Growing population 
 It’s estimated that the current population of Nigeria is 198 million, and we have an amazing human resources at our disposal.  Despite these prospects, however, there is vast economic inequality  and corruption is rife.

Music and films
Nigeria’s cultural richness is evident in the arts. Nigerian music is enjoyed throughout the continent, with Wizkid, Davido and others are fast becoming  legends like Fela Kuti forming a cornerstone of African music.

Nigerian cinema is also important. “Nollywood” is the second largest film industry in the world, ahead of the United States and behind India. 

Finally, our diversity is one of Nigeria’s great strengths, but has also been a source of conflict.  

Natural resources.
Nigeria is the twelfth largest petroleum producer and has the tenth largest proven oil reserves. The oil reserves have certainly been a source of many of its successes (especially its growing influence) but have also led to many of the nation’s problems.

So why do I still love our great Nation (Naija!!!)

I love Nigeria , and I always will. We are all Nigerians, and to be Nigerian it means standing up for views contrary to our own, and for people unlike ourself, because diversity is the greatest Nigeria characteristic.

Patriotism means never letting go of the multiculturalism that informed the birth of this great country, and showing up to dutifully stand in the face of division in any form.

If you love Nigeria, you will love peace.......because united we stand divided we all fall.

So if you an Army or Police officer, professional street thug. Whoever you are, put down your hatred and anger. 

We have all suffered and can share our battlefield scars. Let's go and make this Nation Great.

 Thank you so much for visiting.

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