To the homie we lost … r.i.p all edges {ORS Edge Control}

Gather here, o ye daughter of Zion. 

Can we all take a moment of silence to appreciate our fallen edges. 

So dear sisters, we have found the miracle product we have all been searching for.  


Its all about ORS Edge Control and how we loved the way it smoothed the edges.

Straight from the horse's mouth 

Olive Oil Edge Control is slicks and holds down edges while adding shine and moisture to the hair. This non-sticky, non-greasy formula provides excellent hold without hardening the hair. Does not harden the hair. Contains wheat protein to add strength to the hair and reduce breakage

 This Edge Control comes in a really small tub, smells great and it’s a clear gel. We love the packing as always, verrrryyyyy greeennnnn.

 The sun shines in Lagos town….There are no flaking and the edges stay moisturised.

However, would we buy this again?

High humidity, and volume of the hair matters!!! We found it only holds the edges for like 1 minute. But for a shorter hair we found  it can work, it can hold.

The final verdict

We leave that for you to decide.......

Thank you so much for visiting.

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