Is love worth fighting for?

Answer this question if you are one of the few species left that truly understand the value of love. If you are brave enough to fall in love.
Because true love really is worth fighting for. And it does exist, despite everything you’ve been told and despite everything you’ve lived through.
  • What does it mean to love your country and you are a diaspora? Can you be in two places at once?
  • Can you truly love others as much as you love yourself?
All these questions, I stared at the mirror, no answers. Of course, I cant reply myself.  I'm a Coward.  

It was never my ambition to be one, but yet I found myself becoming one.  

What am I? Who am I?

I have no choice but to let go and embody that I have become, I will stop eating Nigerian food, stop speaking the Language, stop talking to Nigerian people, exile myself and go for a detox

I am no longer one of you. I can no longer fight your battles and fight for your love.

You see I have a new love, she is much more beautiful than you Naija, more intelligent, much more than you can ever dream to become.

My focus now is not you, but her.
I will go and make my new love GREAT AGAIN!!!
But Naija I can't get your name out of my head, your face, your smile. 

Who can ever forget the way you laugh. The way you persevere with all the odds against you, all the obstacles and still you smile through it all.

Is love worth fighting for?

Love is worth fighting for only if both are willing to fight for it equally.

Love loses its worth when it is not appreciated and instead makes you feel that you have completely lost your self worth in convincing the other person and hoping that they realize how much you value their presence in your life.

It becomes highly disheartening to see that someone cannot stand up for you inspite of saying that they love you. 

So, here we all are, trying to look for that one person who will rescue us.
Whatever it was, can we please go back to the basics before all of the drama and pull from that to repair.
"Can we #fightforlove?"

It doesn’t matter about the events before, but if you aren’t willing to fight for love, if you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty, to go out of your way and make an effort to hold on to them, then you just don’t want them enough.

When you finally experience true love in a relationshipit will bring back your faith in all of humanity. But most importantly, it will bring back your faith in yourself. 

So before you pull the plug .....
If we were truly in love at one point with this nation, it is possible to regain those feelings. We should think about what drew us together, and the months or years of shared history in which we enjoyed activities, affection, and intimacy. We can then look for the real reasons things took a turn for the worse and make a change that brings us back to those initial feelings and has a lasting impact.
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