Nothing to lose

Whatever it takes
'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins
I do whatever it takes
'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains
Whatever it takes
We lie even when it serves no purpose, no personal gain, no good reason.  It often comes out before we can stop it. It feels horrible, it’s like a nightmare we just can't wake up from. We all have this problem. It haunts us every day. Our entire life is a lie. We’ve lied to our parents, our partner, our closest friends, and even strangers. We made up everything about our life and we can’t go back because those lies are our life now, we depend on it to survive.

Our lies were all about the image. In fact, they don’t affect anyone or anything. They were just for our own personal ego.

Horrible. Seriously horrible.
If only we able to start life all over again. Forget the lies, make everyone else forget it all too. Just start over, be honest. It almost like we told the lie so many times before that we believe it for a second, so we tell it over and over again as if there were fact, but we can’t take it back.
Deep down we really are good people but just a pathological liar.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to succeed?

We live in a world in which only the strong survive, so we ask. Are you prepare to do whatever it takes? The world tells you that you have to lie to achieve an undisclosed objective and to get things your way. No concern for the feelings of others, it’s either me or them.
It always seems like only the bad people get ahead in life, right?

Successful stories are everywhere in the media. Think of all celebrities who are making millions a year, entrepreneurs who are kicking a** and achieving their goals, and business men and women disrupting industries with their ideas and making a real difference.
From the outside, it can look so effortless.  But do you know the true cost?
That job you always wanted? Work hard to get it, but at what cost. As soon as you want it so bad, you depend on it, and it becomes a vulnerability. The moment you let yourself be controlled by the fear of losing what you have, you make yourself vulnerable and open yourself up to manipulation.
For example, if someone knows you desperately need that job, he/she might have you do things you would normally not choose to do. And you would do it because of the fear of losing the chance to get that job you wanted.

The damage is already done, we are all victims and villains..
On the news, you hear stories of companies or people pushing the boundaries of morality.  An employer asking or outright demanding its management team chose to win regardless of the long-term consequences of their strategy. The scheme seemed to work, at least in the short term.
A decade ago, Wall Street’s leading bankers didn’t worry about the consequences of their actions for the integrity of the financial system. Even when the writing is on the wall and they are found wanting with fines or penalties, or public rebuke, they don’t bear the larger costs of undermining public trust. So they continue racing to the bottom

.…(don’t even get us talking about Nigeria’s politics)
By stretching the boundaries of what’s acceptable, we have all undermined prevailing norms and weakened the fabrics of society. The net result has been a vicious cycle of public distrust. Our economic and political systems appear to be rigged, because, to an increasing extent, they are.
In recent years we have witnessed a massive failure of such leadership. But, like everything in life, there is a cost to bear and somebody from somewhere will have to pay the price.
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