You are alone (Alone Wolf🐺)

You have to fight alone and this is how you become stronger.
You are alone and that's a fact.
Fight for your dreams, for your life.
Im not a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Im a wolf in wolf's clothing.
Im just fighting my fights.
No explanation needed.
I walk a lonely road.
The only road I have ever known.
But its home to me 
It is a scary place to be.
Waking up every morning to fight the exact same demons.
No one is coming to save you.
The world was happening to me, and I felt helpless
I’m all alone and no one cares.
Think of your life as an epic battle.
There are those who will roll up their sleeves and take it on.
With no choice but to stand up for themselves.
Then there are those who observe life happening all around them, choosing to shrink back in fear.
You will run into resistance.
You will have multiple setbacks.
When trauma hits, we may feel utterly helpless. 
We may feel powerless, paralyzed, wounded.
But in this story you are alone and you are the HERO
Tuning into your senses and learning how to command them helps you develop stronger.
Open your eyes, and look at your environment.
What do you see?
Recognize you’re not helpless in all areas of life
I am alone but I am strong.
Loneliness is not my weakness, it is my strength.
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